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Is Bet365 Legal In India? - Read the Complete Story

Betting in India is illegal by Law in but not in an absolute sense. Gambling being a state subject is the reason for such an ambiguous status of gambling in India. The states are independent of framing their own laws for gambling. Let us dig deep into these betting laws in India.

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bet365 Is Legal in India – All You Need to Know. The legal status of gambling or betting in the country has been a matter of debate for years now. The lack of any specific guideline from the central government of India has put many people into confusion regarding its legal status.

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Having in mind that India is not completely a regulated market, the answer would be yes and no. bet365 is an international brand that is available in India (from states that have regulated sports betting) but it doesn’t hold an Indian licence.

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Web gaming or electronic betting gaming laws are still developing in India. There is no such law present in India which may tell us about the legality or illegality of online bettings in India. There are many online platforms like Dream11, Cricket360.com etc. where an Indian can take parts in the online betting.

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The IT Act, 2000. This is a law that regulates cyber activities in India. However, in the act, there’s no mention of gambling or betting anywhere. For this reason, online betting platforms, including Bet365, are not covered in the act.

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Even though Bet365, like many other offshore gambling companies, offer their services to Indian players parallel to the rules of the Indian government, they are well licensed and entirely legal in the countries they operate from. Thus, the Indian regulatory body has no control over them, and they can freely operate and offer gambling services to Indian players.

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Well, to understand the reasoning behind it, we must begin from the roots. As per the Public Gambling Act, gambling or betting is illegal in India. "The penalty for breaking this law is a fine of ₹200 or imprisonment of up to 3 months." However, Casinos and betting houses do operate in Goa, Daman, and Sikkim.

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It's not legal. I think banks don't allow any transaction with gambling sites. But still if you want to gamble there are other way around like bitcoin or skrill. P.s I have used it and lost.