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Off-Season Tennis Weight Training Program Frequency: 3 days per week Comment : Tennis ...

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Phase 2 Exercises: Barbell or dumbbell hang clean Cable push pull One arm cable raises each arm Cable wood chop Medicine ball push press Medicine ball standing twist with partner (6x15 repetitions fast, recover between sets) or alone

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I bet you didn’t even notice that there weren’t a lot of tennis tournaments being played now and that most of these athletes have started their off-season tennis conditioning. If you are a high school or collegiate player, you might be playing some indoor tournaments here and there during the winter. Ultimately, you will be […]

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Phase 1 – Foundational Strength. Perform the following tennis weight training routine 2 days a week for 6-8 weeks. It focuses on the major muscle groups and aims to strengthen the whole body. It should be performed during the off-season when you have a break from playing tennis entirely.

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Here are the parameters for phase 2 of the tennis strength training routine: Duration: 6 weeks; No. sessions: 2-3x week; No. exercises: 6-8; Resistance: 80-90% 1 rep max; Repetitions: 4-8; No. sets: 3-4; Speed of movements: Smooth/controlled; Click here for the routine and exercises for this phase of the tennis weight training program

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Stand in a upright position with feet shoulder-width apart and face the rebounder or partner. Raise the medicine ball in one hand to a position of 90-degrees shoulder abduction and 90-degrees elbow flexion with the arm rotated so the forearm points to the ceiling.