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Why Your Tennis Strings Keep Breaking (With Fixes ...

It’s important to inspect your equipment periodically – even if you’re taking a break from playing tennis regularly. Combining the right string (material and gauge) with the proper amount of tension on your racket (as defined by your manufacturer) may be your saving grace. Give some of our suggestions a shot and perhaps your days of broken tennis strings will be a thing of the past.

How often should I re-string my tennis racket? | Wilson ...

The best rule of thumb we have for those training 4-7 days a week is “re-string when you break”. Most advanced players playing this frequently will break a string every week or two, so no need to re-string until you break unless you have an important tournament coming up, in which case you should have fresh strings in all your rackets.

Why do my tennis strings break so frequently? : tennis

14 UTR 3 years ago · edited 3 years ago. No offense ... but 2-3 weeks the string is "dead" already especially 4g which is really nice string. I broke mine every other day when I was playing frequently. But in all seriousness 2-3 weeks is a wicked playtime to get out of a string. 7.

FAQs About Stringing Your Tennis Racquet - Tennis Express

There could be a couple different factors making your string break in weird spots along your tennis racquet. Loose/cracked grommet or head guard. Often players don’t think about the plastic grommets that hold our strings in place and keep them from breaking prematurely.

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Breaking Strings 1. AVERAGE string breakers are those that break strings once in while. In fact, they might even feel proud of themselves... 2. FREQUENT string breakers will break strings every 3-4 weeks. This is the category that’s the most difficult for a... 3. CHRONIC string breakers can and ...

Unorthodox Stringing: Breaking Cross Strings

Most tennis players severely notch or break their main strings. That is due to the main strings' movement from topspin shots. A rare few break their crosses more frequently instead. Then they started wondering was it a defective string, poor string job, poor technique or due to shanking the ball.

When do you know to change your tennis strings?

So how do you know when to change your tennis strings and how often? There is a general rule of thumb for tennis players, you should restring your tennis racquet as many times per year as you play in a week – example: if you play tennis 3 days per week, you should change your tennis strings 3 times per year. Which to me does not seem often enough.

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A racket strung at 60 pounds will most likely be at 50 pounds the next day, and tension continues to decline with every second and with every hit. Tension loss is the only physically significant process impacting your tennis racket (and string wear). This is why rackets need to be restrung.