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Ping Pong Vs Table Tennis: Same Game Or Different?

The biggest difference between ping pong and table tennis is in the rulebook. Table tennis has a lot of rules and regulations that are written and updated every year in the ITTF handbook. In comparison, ping pong is a lot more flexible with different rules. Recreationally, too, the rules change for both games.

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Table Tennis Pro VS. Ping-Pong Pro. Now to conclude, you may ask who would win if a Ping-Pong pro and a table tennis pro faced off. And to answer that question we must know what Ping-Pong players are good at and what table tennis players are good at. Because both games are very different from each other.

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Ping Pong vs Table Tennis: In-Detail Comparison

Ping pong and table tennis don’t participate in the same competitions, which makes another difference between the two games. Although there’s a world championship for both of them, table tennis is an Olympic sport while ping pong isn’t. Not only do they participate in different competitions, but they also have different governing bodies.

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Table Tennis versus Ping Pong . Equipment: Table tennis can use various types of equipment: pips-in, pips-out rubber, and no-limit type of table tennis blade. However, Ping Pong uses only one type of equipment: sandpaper bats. So in Ping Pong, every player uses the same equipment. Rule: Table tennis plays the best of 11 points, in 7 games.

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Ping-pong is played on a table that is not enclosed on all sides while table tennis is played within an enclosed space like a 1.8 meters high net or just its walls if not at an institution such as school or university for competitive play. ping pong balls tend to be heavier at 2-3 ounces compared to a table tennis ball that weighs around 1 ounce only yet both games allow you the player to bounce the ball.

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Table Tennis vs Ping Pong (Difference Guide 2021)

Ping pong and Table Tennis are basically the same game with no major differences. The main difference lies in perception. Ping pong is an informal, less competitive sport that is usually played for entertainment only. Table tennis, on the other hand, is a more serious world renewed form of the sport played at Olympic level. A little history